BL-06 Modular beacon (tower light)

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Power Supply
Voltage type
Console type
Acoustic-LED light segment
Function - 1 pole
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BL-06  Modular beacon (tower light)
Operating voltage12V, 24V AC/DC, 230V AC
Nominal currentmax. 60mA
IP protectionIP65/IP30
Connecting conductor diameter0,5 mm²
LED colourR, G, B, Y, W, O
Operating temperature-20.. +50°C
Diameter54 mm
Fixingdirect fixing, stem, wall console mounting
Number of independently controlled LED arrays in the indicator tower7
Current suppression3mA
LED segments can be built in variationsglowing, flashing, rotating, stroboscope LED
Flickering LED segmentfrequency 1,5 Hz
Frequency of discontinuous indication2,5kHz +- 0,5kHz; 3,5 +- 0,5kHz
Acoustic indicationpiezo transducer 92dB, siren 96-100dB
Fixing optionsstem 15, 30, 45 cm / wall console mounting / direct mounting on the bottom of the device
FucnctionOmnidirectional visual signalling with permanent, intermittent, rotating or multifunctional LED glow and stroboscopes.Acoustic signalling stationary, intermittent, two types of buzzers. The sections are produced in red, green, yellow, orange,white and
WarningStopky H15, 30, 45 a konzoly HW jsou dodávány v povrchovém provedení černý komaxit. Na zakázku upravíme délku stopky, změníme povrchovou úpravu stopky, např. (modrý chromát - zinek). Pro napětí 230V je nutno pro každá 2 světelná pole přidat modul číslo 1.
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We offer a custom-made configuration