Technical support

If a indicator designed to 230 V AC is connected to a backup power supply or frequency inverter, it is necessary to consult the manufacturer. Power supply other than with 50Hz sinusoidal wave may cause damage to the indicators.

Indicator lights can be manufactured with a built-in test only with glow and a flash(F) function.

Various indicator modifications can be made in agreement with the company's technicians. For example, high voltage ranges, multicolor light indicators, two-state indicators switched by polarity change etc.

The IHS-95, HIS-95, EIS-96, VIS-98 series can also be produced with extreme luminous intensity (especially suitable for daylight).

For 110 V DC and 220 V DC, some of the indicators are equipped with an external resistors.

By suppressing the induced voltage is meant - setting the indicator light so that it is not able to respond to the induced voltage on the conductors to which the indicator is connected. This induced voltage is of varying magnitude and arises over long parallel tracks of several cables. For our bright and flashing 16, 22 and 30 mm drilling holes, at an operating voltage of 230 V AC, this suppression of the induced voltage is set to 30V by default.

IS, IHS, HIS, EIS, CSL, SOS, VIS 24 V signals are manufactured in unipolar design - 24V AC/DC.

For "99" series indicators, external resistor is not used.

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